Theme Options

Configurable Options

To access the configurable options for Theme Lambda go to Administration > Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme-Lambda.

Moodle Blocks Settings

Choose block layout

Here you can define the general layout and UI for the Moodle blocks:


Default Lambda block layout: both block columns left and right on the side of the main content area


Standard Moodle block layout: block regions left and right of the main content


Collapsible left block region: You can use a collapsible sidebar for the left block region

Please note:

The Moodle dock for the blocks can only be used with the Default Lambda block layout or the Standard Moodle block layout.

The Collapsible left block region will be hidden if it does not contain any blocks. With "turn editing on" the sidebar will always be displayed, even when it is empty.

A brief FAQ about the Collapsible Sidebar


Q. I have selected the "collapsible left block region" at the block settings but the sidebar doesn't show up!?

Perhaps you currently don't have any blocks at the left block region. In this case, please "turn editing on". The sidebar will show up now and you can drag&drop your blocks to this region.

Q. There was once an option to hide the collapsible sidebar for the Moodle frontpage. Where is this option now?

This setting option is obsolet and was removed with Theme Lambda 1.7. Now, the collapsible sidebar won't show up for your users if there are no blocks at the left block region. So if you don't want to use the sidebar for the frontpage, please "turn editing on" and drag&drop all your blocks from the sidebar to the "hidden" position at the frontpage (see also: Hiding blocks from users on the frontpage).

Choose block style

Here you can choose between the following block style variations:


Moodle block style 01


Moodle block style 02


Moodle block style 03

Theme Lambda block icons

At this dropdown you can choose between a colored or monochrome display of the block icons or you can select to hide them completely: