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Configurable Options

To access the configurable options for Theme Lambda go to Administration > Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme-Lambda.


At this settings page you can create a dynamic slideshow of up to 5 slides for you to promote important elements of your site.

You have to upload at least one image to make the slideshow appear. Heading, caption and URL are optional.

Image, heading, caption and URL in your slides:

Image without heading, caption and URL
Image with heading - no caption, no URL
Image with heading, caption and URL

Options for your slideshow:

  • Height for the slideshow: You can select a height for the slideshow that will be used for desktop resolutions. This height will be adapted for tablets and mobiles.
  • Hide captions on mobile devices: In case you use a decreased height for the slideshow or if you have chosen the 'responsive' setting, it may be necessary to hide the headings and captions for mobile devices. Otherwise, the captions might not fit to the adapted image height for mobile devices.
  • Pattern/Overlay: Here you can select a pattern as a transparent overlay on your images.
    Image with no pattern
    Image with pattern no. 1
    Image with pattern no. 3
  • AutoAdvance: Select if you want to make a slide automatically advance after a certain amount of time.
  • Navigation Hover: If true the navigation button (prev, next and play/stop buttons) will be visible on hover state only, if false they will be visible always.
  • Slideshow Loader: Select pie, bar, none (even if you choose "pie", old browsers like IE8- can not display it... they will display always a loading bar).
  • Image and text effects: You can chosse from the given transition effects. Simply copy & paste your desired transition effect into the text field.

Here you can setup a carousel slider for your Frontpage. You have to upload at least the images to make the slide appear. The caption settings will appear as a hover effect for the images and are optional.

Options for your slideshow:

  • Carousel Position: Select a position for the carousel slider. You can choose to place the slider at the top or bottom of the content area.
  • Carousel Image Dimensions: Defines the width for the carousel images (the height will adapt automatically according to your image files)
  • Heading: A heading for the frontpage carousel.
  • Heading Tag: Define your heading: <h1> defines the most important heading. <h6> defines the least important heading.
  • Additional HTML Content: Any content you enter here will be placed left to the frontpage carousel.
    Note: You have to use HTML formatting elements to format your text.
  • Number of Slides: Here you can select the number of slides for your carousel.

Select the number of slides first and click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the settings page. After that the page will reload and you have options and textfields for the desired number of slides.

The following options define the caption and the hover effect of the slides. These settings are recurring for each image that you upload.

  • Caption - Heading (optional): Enter a caption for your image. The caption is always visible and appears under you uploaded image.
  • Caption - Text (optional): This is a text wich will appear as a hover effect if you move the mouse cursor over the image.
  • Caption - URL (optional): This will create a button for your caption with a link to the entered URL.
  • Caption - Link Text (optional): If you have entered a link with the option right above, you can define here a text for the button.
  • Caption - Color: Select a color for the slide's caption.

Appearance of the carousel with different settings:

Images only (no hover effect)
Images with headings, captions (hover effect) and link (button).
Additional HTML content area