Theme Options

Before you proceed
You should have completed the following steps:
  • Installing the theme
  • Choosing Theme Lambda as your default Moodle theme
  • Adding the menu for the main navigation
If you have missed one of these steps, please go back to the referring section in this document.

Configurable Options

To access the configurable options for Theme Lambda go to Administration > Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme-Lambda.

General Settings Page

You can upload your custom logo here. If you upload a logo it will appear in the header. By default, the dimension of your logo is set to a maximum height of 90px. But you can also choose display your logo with any other height.

Theme Option:




Standard logo dimension

Sets the dimension of your logo to a maximum height of 90px. Using this setting, your logo will always correspond to the height of the login container and you can also use a @2x version for high-res screens.

Standard logo dimension - setting 'No'

Uploaded logo with a height of 180px.


Standard logo dimension - setting 'Yes'

Uploaded logo with a height of 180px - set to the standard height of 90px.



A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website. Favicons are most often found in the address bar of your browser. Lambda has a default favicon and you can upload your own custom one here.


Set Page Width

Here you can choose from the list of page layouts. Available choices are:

  1. Boxed - fix width wide
  2. Boxed - fix width narrow
  3. Boxed - variable width
  4. Full page - fluid width

Note: A boxed layout is a form of layout where the boundary of the main body is clearly defined. Only with a 'boxed layout' you can make use of a background image for your site.


Here you can choose to select a variation for the header with a centered logo. This will also result in a different profile block and a modal login form at the header to fit with the centered logo:

customized header

Theme Lambda with a background image for the header and a centered logo (see also: Upload a custom header image)

Moodle 4 only

Moodle 4 provides collapsible course sections. If you have important informations at your top section, then you might want to keep this section visible.
Select the "Top Course Section Always Open" setting if you would like to have the top general course section always open. With the "Topics" or "Weekly" course format the top section of a course can no longer be collapsed.

Course category view

You can select to show your courses in a list or in a grid view. This option will get applied to the list of courses at the Moodle front page, the course category page and - if you are using Moodle version 3.5 or higher - also for the "My courses" block at the dashboard.

List view:


Grid view:



Whatever you add to this textarea will be displayed in the footer throughout your Moodle site, e.g. Copyright and the name of your organisation.

Note: The footer is divided into two areas.
  1. Here are the block regions of the footer where you can place any Moodle block.
  2. The text from the settings page will be placed here.



Custom CSS

Whatever CSS rules you add to this textarea will be reflected in every page, making for easier customization of this theme.