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Installing an update

To update the theme, you have to download the new version at themeforest - just login there with your existing account and click on the "Downloads" tab:

Video courtesy of Envato Pty Ltd..

The next steps depend on your Moodle version:
If you are using Moodle 3.0 or any later version, you can update the theme just like a new installation: Go to "Administration" > "Site administration" > "Plugins" > "Install plugins" and upload the corresponding installation file for your Moodle version there - that's all!


For an older Moodle version you need an ftp access to your Moodle installation - you can use an ftp client or perhaps your hosting service provides a control panel with a filemanager. You only have to upload the files from the new update to your theme folder and overwrite the existing files there - no need to temporarily switch to another theme or take down your site. When you log in again as an administrator, you will get a notification to start the update process in Moodle:


All settings that you have made are stored in the Moodle database, so none of your settings will get lost.
(Please note: If you have edited the php files or the css files of the theme, then you should make a backup of these files).