Adding content

That's it! At this stage of the documentation you should have successfully completed (or respectively you should be capable of)...

  • installing the theme
  • adding blocks to the theme's footer
  • creating a custom menu
  • setting up the theme options

What’s Next?

In this section you will get to know how to design the frontpage and how to use the given shortcodes.


It is recommended to use the Atto editor. The Atto editor should be the default editor for a new Moodle installation anyway.

Text editors can be enabled, disabled or a different one set to default from "Administration" > "Site administration" > "Plugins" > "Text editors" > "Manage editors". Here, activate and move the "Atto editor" to the top of the list. Now this editor will be your new default one.

Examples and guidelines

Example 1 - Iconboxes

Example 2 - Imageboxes

Example 3 - Parallax Section

Course Design

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